Rome, I am overwhelmed.

Rome, Rome, Rome. Rome is by far the most beautiful city I have ever been to.  Not that it is sparkling clean, or smells like roses everywhere.  It’s old, it’s weathered, it aged very well. It is so easy to become numb and overwhelmed by the beauty of this city.  If you were to take any of hundreds of buildings …

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Avinash the Dome Climber

Avinash for the most part has been fantastic about all of the walking we have been doing in Rome. I haven’t had this much exercise since we trained for the triathlon and marathon. While Avinash can be very unpredictable with when he wants or does not want to walk, when he does put his mind to it, he shows surprising …

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London Flat

Sun drenched flat in 5 story walk up on quiet residential street in Maida Vale. We have decided to use Airbnb for most of our accommodations.  Honestly, we need to be able to have some sense of ‘home’ while we are on the road and hotel rooms won’t cut it.  Besides being too expensive to stay in for extended periods …

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