Sick at sea

Sick at Sea: in the last few days we have seen the tricky side of boat travel. Sailing to Tunisia we had rocky seas. Actually, rocky was an understatement. Walking down the hallways people looked like pinball a bouncing around. Faces were green and everyone was miserable.

We couldn’t wait to get off in Tunisia to be on stable ground. The morning we arrived at port there were wind gusts of 50 knots. Apparently our ship isn’t designed to sail in winds above 25 knots. The captain made a a judgement call to not stop at the port and turn the ship around. This was so disappointing. Worse, there would be no relief from the rough and rolling seas.

A few hours after our turn around a fire alarm goes off. Luckily it was a malfunction and everything was ok. Our fellow passengers however were not. People were looking unsettled.

THEN a few hours after that, the captain announced that we had a passenger on board that required immediate medical attention and the ship was going to rendezvous with a helicopter so he could be air lifted off the boat. Luckily, we found out, that the man’s life was saved!

Well, shame on me for thinking that cruising couldn’t be an adventure.
Nam is unwinding after the harrowing days at sea by getting a massage on Mondelo beach in Palermo, Sicily.