Cruisin’ to Sardenia- Who Fartin?!?

Italy has been amazing.

Full of beautiful architecture, art and expressive people. But, the Vu’s are ultimately island folk. It’s the peak of summer and for days all we can think about is cooling down.

Our first thought was drive north into Switzerland and find the highest peak with a glacier that hasn’t melted yet and lay on it till we get frostbite. The thought of such a long road trip from Florence seemed a little daunting, though. So, we pulled out a map and saw these huge islands to the west. Instantly drawn, we went to work figuring out what these places were and what we needed to do to get there.
We decided on the Italian island of Sardenia instead of the French island of Corsica to the north. Even though Corsica was closer I don’t think any of us were ready to leave the Italian culture just yet.

Getting to Sardenia was an adventure in itself. We found a ferry line that had pictures of Loony Toons characters plastered on the side of the boat and thought this is gonna be like a cheap Italian Disney Cruise! About 10 minutes after we boarded we discovered Disney it was not. We got an overnight cabin, because that’s what we thought you do when you have a ferry from 10 pm to 7 am. Apparently, we were not aware that our ‘cruise’ was basically a floating campground. No sooner had we settled into our room that we came out of it to find ourselves skirting around people’s makeshift beds on the floors in the halls and on all the available dining tables and chairs. These were not just single hippie types, but families of 5! We also soon discovered that we were probably the only non- Italians on board. We knew we were in for an adventure. We found a play area for kids with a TV playing Tom and Jerry cartoons on it ( ahhh…that’s where the Loony Toons theme fits in!). Within an hour I found myself babysitting a little one year old while her mother left to set up their bed for the night, while Avinash made some friends to play with.

It’s amazing how having kids instantly connects people that would otherwise have no other excuse to interact. And somehow language isn’t even a barrier. We were all in the same boat, so to speak, and were trying to get the last bits of energy out of our kids so they might actually get to bed before 1 am.

We finally made it to bed and were woken the next morning at 6:30 am by announcements and knocks on the cabin door. Luckily there was an English translation for the announcement kindly asking us to vacate the room. However, the highlight was the German translation that followed. I swear I heard, and I quote, ” Guut Mortin, I Fartin”. This is now our official greeting to each other every morning

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