Club Med for 3 year olds?!?!?

So, our trip to Sardenia from Florence was literally planned in a day.

Nam luckily found us a place to stay at what we thought would be a sleepy seaside resort in San Teodoro where we would waste the day away swimming and building sand castles. Little did we know that Nam had discovered the Club Med for kids.

We checked in and walked by the pool where there was samba music blaring from the speakers and the lawn had kids with their moms and grandmas dancing.

Avinash for his 3rd birthday party asked for an Opa Gangnam style theme and wanted an electric guitar on his cake. Nam and I are already bracing ourselves for when he turns 16.

When Avinash saw what was happening poolside it stopped him dead in his tracks. He looked like he had found utopia. This was the ultimate party.

A little about Avinash, he starts his day asking us about how we are planning on “partying out” that night. Up till now ‘partying’ meant late night strolls through the bustling Italian cities watching street performers and hawkers selling cheap toys while licking our Gelatos. Avinash instantly knew he had been deprived all these nights and this was what he had been looking for the entire time.

We were informed of the schedule which STARTED with a baby dance party at 9:30 PM. Last activities ending at midnight. Oh God!

I am writing this on day 4 of our stay at 2:30 in the afternoon and can’t remember what day it is and am afraid I’m going to doze off at every meal. Avinash, however is in heaven. He is getting a mischievous satisfaction knowing that he gets to party till he literally drops every night.

Enjoy my love – won’t happen again till you’re 16.

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