In the past 5 days I have:

Relieved an armpit itch of a Senegal bush baby monkey

Had the two most memorable breakfasts of my life, one sharing our table with giraffes as they loomed overhead eating from our plates and the other sitting in camp chairs in the bush while looking out over the savannah watching rhinos graze and bring served freshly made omelets made in the back of a land rover.

Watched my son ‘mark’ his out in the bush right next to a rhinos droppings

Marked my own territory as zebras, water bucks and impalas watched on.

Took a bush plane flight where the pilot kept drying his sweaty palms twice a minute. Not reassuring for the 9 passengers of the 12 passenger plane.

Had one of the worst GI bugs I have experienced in my life (and I’ve had some bad ones). Pain so bad it reminded me of labor.

Had to wait for a wild giraffe to clear the path that led to our room.

Watched a cheetah eating his fresh kill zebra

And last night Nam saw a shooting star while we watched a lioness resting under the star filled sky.

Thank you Africa for some of the most amazing life experiences in such a short time…and we still have 17 days left!

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