Avinash and the Street Performer

Today we came out of the Maida Vale Station after a long day of touring around London to the very pleasant sound of a violin playing nearby.  Avinash was captured by a street performer playing the violin.  The performer was obviously trained and talented and looked like an interesting fellow.  He had cut-off gray sweatpants on with a white shirt and a pair of flipflops on his feet.  On his head, he had a black derby hat with a yellow flower on top.  Oh yeah, and his violin was yellow.  Avinash watched and listened for quite some time.  The performer stopped and talked with Avinash and told him that he should play the violin and gave him 1GBP as a start to his savings for an instrument.  It is these moments that we hope will impress upon Avinash in some way.  You never know what will happen.

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