3 years old- The world is his classroom and it’s going to be AWESOME

Since Avinash has been 2, one of the first questions anyone asks is if he goes to school and when we plan to put him in school. My response has been we are keeping him at home and I love being his teacher.
However, living in Hawaii has its challenges with quality of public schools and there is a lot of pressure to get your child into the right pre-school, which will hopefully get them into the right private school from Pre-K or Kindergarten.
I admit, I got caught up in the fervor of trying to find the perfect school, filling out countless pages of pre-school applications and watching my 2 1/2 year old ‘interviewed’ by these schools. We honestly thought that by fall of 2013, when Avinash is 3 1/2 we would put him in school. Not because I thought we are ready as a family, but because it’s what you are supposed to do to make sure your child is on par with their peers. The irony in this, is that academically Avinash is ahead if his peers. It’s not because he is gifted or talented but because he gets one on one attention and we can spend our time working on whatever seems relevant at the time, be it reading, math or just having philosophical discussions about why Cheerios are better than Frosted Flakes.
When we started talking about this trip and what it could mean to us as a family, my first thought was that it might affect Avinash’s academic path if we didn’t snag the pre-school spots that he was offered.
Thank God I have a husband that knows how to get me out of my tunnel vision missions and really make me see what I was about to sacrifice by not going on this trip.
I look forward to using the world as Avinash’s classroom and having both his parents be his teachers at this tender and precious age. Just being able to spend the amount of time we will be able to this year is priceless.
Only a couple of weeks into the journey, I am amazed at Avinash’s sense of adventure, flexibility, patience and respectful sensitivity to his surroundings. I feel that we are about to witness Avinash becoming his ‘person’ and hope that the upcoming experiences of this year will influence that person in all the best ways.

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