Museums- Can we go again mom???

Avinash had never really been to a museum and I was curious to see how he would process them, especially at 3 years old.  When I was about 11, I remember going to the wonderful museums while visiting Chicago and spending days wandering and getting lost in them.  I figured visiting the museums would be more for us and it would be a good first exposure for Avinash.

We decided to visit the Natural History museum first.  I never knew dinosaur bones could make Avinash hyperventilate with excitement for hours straight.  He loved it.  The next day Avinash and I visited the Natural Science museum while Nam tended to some visa stuff.  I didn’t think anything could top the day before, but Avinash would not leave until we saw EVERY corner of this museum.  We were there for 6 hours straight with not a single plea to be carried or complaint that he was tired.  In fact, we shut the place down and were one of the last to be ushered out of the museum.

It’s great to see Avinash fascinated and engaged by what I thought would not be so relevant at his age.

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