London Musings

Why I Love it

Best public transportation system!  The tube is brilliant.  I have no idea how they figured out this network of tunnels and webs but it works.  I love that we just showed up, bought an Oyster Card,  hopped aboard and were off to see any nook and cranny we wanted to.  It’s a level of independence and stress free transportation that is a travelers dream

Cultural Diversity-  London has got to be one of the most culturally diverse cities on the planet.  Maybe I think this because we got to spend so much time on the tube observing people.  I have not heard as many languages and accents my whole life as I have in the past 2 weeks.  Honestly, the only under represented culture might be Asian (or Oriental as they refer to it here- Asians are considered Indians which we call South Asian).  Hearing French spoken by a Moroccan, seeing Muslims from African and Middle Eastern decent and finally starting to ‘hear’ the subtleties of accents even within England (I correctly identified a Manc!) is getting me excited about seeing, hearing, tasting and experiencing the world.  London was a perfect Launchpad for us!

Museums- Truly a treasure to offer world class museums to the locals and visitors to experience for free.

Parks-  For a town that I can’t imagine gets to spend many dry sunny days outdoors they have invested in maintaining some amazing public places.  There are parks galore and some of the best playgrounds that a kid could dream of.

Daylight- Love the long summer days.  We are only a couple of weeks from Summer Solstice, and although I was cursing the sun when we first got here and it was rising by 4:30 and setting at 9:30, I love the long days. Of course, I know that the flip side is that there is no way I would ever come in the winter.

Why I Don’t love it

Rain-  Why would a place as fun, walkable and full of beautiful parks and playgrounds be so soggy all the time!!

Attitude-  It’s not that the people are mean, its just that they aren’t really that nice.  The friendliest people we have interacted with here have been the apparent immigrants.  It’s hard to have a smile returned when passing someone on the street.  Luckily, we have an adorable little boy that has gotten even the most sour-puss old British lady on the tube
to muster a smile.

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