Hide and Seek at the Pantheon

We’ve been in Rome enough days that we are kind of ‘settling’ in. Part of settling in is looking for a place to kick back when the day is over. I think that we’ve made the Pantheon that place. We are kind of treating it like our back yard.

We had just eaten dinner and decided to spend some time playing with these light up flying spinners we bought from one of the peddlers on the street in the Piazza around the Pantheon. We then decided to play hide and seek around the columns of the Pantheon. We’ve kind of been using this space for hanging out since we’ve been here.

An American couple walked by us and she looked at me and said ‘playing hide and seek at the Pantheon- can you believe it.  Who gets to do that?’ She just looked at all of us and smiled.

These are the times I know I will look back and cherish.

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