Gladiators- The cold hard facts

Before coming to Rome I debated whether we should spend time going to the ancient ruins. Not that Nam and I are not interested, but I just did not know how to keep Avinash entertained while looking at deteriorating buildings in the sweltering sun.

Today, we decided to visit the Colosseum and Roman Forum. Amazing part of not only Roman History but insight into what people and culture was like to be entertained by gladiator games of animal hunts, executions and battles to the death.

I was excited as soon as we stepped into the arena, but I could see Avinash look at the arena of crumbling concrete and stone and already thinking about when he was going to score his next cone of Lemon Gelato.

It was completely unplanned, but I decided to explain to my 3 year old the gory truth of what exactly happened at the Colosseum some 2000 years ago. As I explained the savage nature of what people called sport back then, he was completely mesmerized. I am not surprised, but he showed great empathy for the animals that were brought from far away places and died and also for the people that died while fighting

Honestly, my only reason to start telling him the stories was to show him some relevance of what we were doing and buy us some time to finish touring ourselves. When we finaly left, he was not ready because he wanted to see the underground holding areas where the people and animals were kept until the elevator brought them up for their ‘game.’ Unfortunately, we had not bought the right ticket to access that area.

Over dinner Avinash could not stop talking about the Gladiators and the games they played. I ended up making up a story where there was a great ancient Gladiator Avinashamus that was responsible for all the horrific games ending and brought peace and enlightenment to all of Rome. Avinash loved being the great benevolent hero and I have a feeling that he will be asking for the ‘Avinashamus the Great’ story long after we leave Italy!

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