I’m a sucker for a good infomercial

We decided to go to the open air market at Campo di Fiore to stock up on some fruits and veggies. Sitting at one of the stalls was this guy who should have his own spot on QVC. He had these contraptions that turned potatoes into pigtail ringlets and zucchinis into flowering blossoms. I was sold. In fact, I was sold not only once but twice. I bought 2 sets – still not sure why.

The challenge was on. Could we go home and recreate this vegetable art that this man promised these plastic contraptions could magically do?

We then filled our bags with fingerling potatoes, zucchini with the flower still attached, parmesan, rosemary and the skinniest, most tender young asparagus that I have ever seen.

The result – a fun filled afternoon spent in the kitchen as a family making corkscrew food art and enjoying one of the best meals we have had in Italy so far.

One of the goals for this year is to enjoy fresh food as much as possible. It has been nice that the 2 apartments we have rented so far have only under counter tiny fridges and no freezers. This is a slight adjustment for us since we just left our 48″ wide fridge back home!! I’m loving going to buy fresh food that we have to consume because we have no where to store it. No more 1 week old leftovers.

Looking forward to enjoying more beautiful food together.


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