“I would change the rules”- Avinash

About 10 days ago we went to visit the leaning tower of Pisa. There was an option to climb and once Avinash found out he was excited and wanted to bee line to the ticket counter. Unfortunately, we were all disappointed to find out there was a minimum age of 8 to climb.

Fast forward 10 days later. In the car on our final day in Italy Avinash said “Mom, I need to talk to you.” He went on to recall how in Pisa he was “very disappointed” that he was not allowed to climb. He then so eloquently articulated his feelings “If I were the person at the ticket counter I would let anybody climb. If they were 1 years old, 3 years old or 8, it wouldn’t matter”. I responded by telling him he would have my full support. I agreed that if a parent took responsibility that even kids should have an opportunity as long as the conditions were safe.

We both exchanged a look and a sigh and it was a beautiful moment to see my son identify something he perceived to be unjust and articulate his feelings so well.

Dear Avinash- continue to look at the world with a discerning eye because one day you WILL be able to make a difference if you chose.

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