Italy musings

Italians need to discover skinny cappuccinos and carb free pasta! How come you guys don’t get fat????

Even the Italian skinny model types were eating double scoops of gelato. How???

How can Italians have shots of espresso into the night?

All the kid friendly activities ( amusement parks, baby dance, etc. )STARTED at 9pm! When do your kids go to school in the morning?

Why do you eat dinner at 11pm?? Restaurants don’t serve dinner until 9!

Island culture (Sardenia) is the same the world over. We value the same things. Relaxed pace of life, clean oceans and air, and warm hospitality.

Pizza Pasta every day is hard. Why haven’t Italians adopted world cuisine?

Italians pride themselves on fresh and slow food that has minimal processing but then they take a smoke break while showing you how to make it.

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