Acclimating and Adapting – 3 months on the road now

We’ve been traveling for exactly 3 months now.

Last night I lay shivering under the covers of our hotel room in Istanbul. Just 5 days ago when we arrived the thermostat was as the same setting and I couldn’t stop sweating. It’s amazing how our bodies adapt to our new environment. How about our psyches?

We’ve spent the summer in the relative comfort of Western Europe. We planned it that way. There have been nights that I lay awake overwhelmed by the enormity of this trip. We all needed a few months to transition from our home and friends back home to life on the road.

What have been the logistics of life on the road?
Sleep-Countless hours figuring out where we are going to sleep in a few days or next week or next month. This past week we were juggling the planning of the following things: realized last minute we were supposed ti check out of out Istanbul hotel tomorrow, had no plane tickets to get us back to London in a week, no hotel for London, no hotel for Nairobi in 10 days, need to finalize and buy nairobi to madagascar tickets, need to hire driver/ guide for Madagascar, finally got London ticket but going through Croatia, need hotel for Croatia now, oh yeah… And we are in istanbul. Shouldn’t we go see something today??
Definitely a headache and time hog, but its allowed us to be flexible and live by the seat of our pants.
Laundry- when we left Hawaii I had visions of bring super woman and hand washing our laundry every day. I even bought a clothes line and packed a scrubbing brush. On the 2nd day of our 14 month trip in our boston hotel room that vision was shattered. I pulled out all my supplies and dutifully set off on my laundry chores, turning the bathtub into my wash basin. Well 2 days later the wet clothes I hung were still wet and now starting to stink. Nam then dutifully collected all of our clothes and took them to a laundromat where the clothes were rewashed and dried.
Plane tickets-

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