Ants in our Pants

Ants in Our Pants

It was our last night at Sala’s camp in Masai Mara. We just had the excitement of the elephant and hippo encounter the night before and we were slightly anxious about getting back to our tent.
This time, the 3 of us left together with only 2 other guests. The warrior informed us that our elephant friend was close by and we had seen the hippo on our way into camp after our evening game drive so we know it was probably close too. We all walked single file and with purpose. Then suddenly the Masai warrior did a little hop and said oh and pointed his flashlight down. Instead of seeing the dirt path under our feet there was what looked like a red carpet. It took a moment to register, but we were standing still in swarm of ants so wide it looked like a runner and I could not see the end of.
Then I felt my first bite of a safari ant. In one word: fire. Then another and another. They were in my shoes. Soon everyone was starting to hop and scream. Thank god Nam was holding Avinash because I might have dropped him. Then I started to feel the bites on my ankles, then my knees. The buggers were crawling up my leg!! Then I felt the worst. There were safari ants biting my butt and other nether regions. It was nonstop. We were in full sprint to our tents now with the other 2 guys peeling off to theirs. Everyone forgot about the wild animals. I suspect they were all trying to get their pants off as soon as possible too. Mine were off before we zipped the tent. Bad call because Nam did the same and now our tent floor had the stowaway safari ants crawling every which way. After 5 minutes stripped down naked doing body checks on each other while Avinash amusingly watched on and yelled warning calls every time he saw one we then spent the next 20 minutes going around stomping all of them.
I am sure the elephant ran the other way after watching our show. I did not hear him again that night and although we are no longer at camp I’m sure he might think twice less he run into the ants in the pants looneys.

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