Pushkar Festival- Mission Accomplished!

Pushkar Desert Festival- Mission Accomplished!

We have made it to the Pushkar Festival! I feel like it is a milestone of sorts of our trip. We didn’t plan much before starting our 14 month journey, but Pushkar was one of the few things we spent time dreaming and fantasizing about. Pushkar is an amazing desert festival in the middle of rural and remote Rajastan. It’s main purpose is camel, horse and other livestock trading along with religious activities at the end of the festival. Thousands of people from all corners of Rajastan, most arriving on the backs of animals, come to this fair. Whenever you have a gathering of so many people many other things are accomplished too. Buying and selling of hand made tools, textiles, handicrafts and of course, entertainment. Puppet shows that have not changed for a thousand years to simple steel structure Ferris wheels.

6 months ago when imaging what it would be like to be here at Pushkar, I knew what would would have to be accomplished before we made it here. I don’t mean a checklist of places that we have been, but a checklist of personal adjustments, conquering of fears and acclimating to comforts completely opposite of from the kind I was enjoying while lying on my downfilled pillow daydreaming about this trip.

I can declare we have succeeded. The warmth of a fire is still the warmth of a fire if coming from a fireplace in your house or in the sand dunes of the night desert. Success for me is feeling that the warmth richer and more fragrant here and now- despite the comfort or lack thereof.
At this point in the trip we could have been broken and exhausted, yearning for our island home. Instead we all are thriving and growing every minute of every day. We have all been stretched and challenged on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. The fact that we wake up each morning craving more is a testament that we made the correct decision for our family.

I can’t believe that we are only approaching the half way point of our journey.

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