Can Gio – Sac Mangrove Jungle

We booked an excursion to Can Gio which was advertised as a Mangrove Forest Reserve where you can interact with the monkeys and other animals. We thought it would a great day trip keeping in theme with our animal adventures.


We drove for an hour and then took a ferry across the river to the island.


Then we took a canoe ride through the mangrove jungle. What it turned out to be was a tour of the command post for the guerrilla Viet Cong during the war and a tour of the area.


It included a video of the Sac jungle and the efforts for liberation and freedom for the people. Not really what we thought we would be doing. Yes there were plenty monkeys but they were so aggressive that we did not dare trying to interact with them. There was a crocodile farm where the animals were HUGE. Like 15′ long huge.


We stopped at a resort and had a really nice lunch and the best part of the day which was a swim in the pool.


What is that strange bumpy fruit on the side of the road? It’s not often we find a fruit we have never tried before so we had to so it. It was a “water coconut”. A palm that grows in water. The fruit is like a young coconut. It was a little bland but with a little sugar was nice.

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