Taxi Drivers are Funny People

In our experience, taxi drivers are generally not a breed to be trusted.

We always make sure that if needed a fare is pre-negotiated or that the meter is used.

We generally have a basic distrust of taxi drivers and it is built upon our experiences and misadventures.

Nowhere have we had such a bad experience with taxis drivers than in Harbin, China.

One taxi driver took on another passenger and took her to the airport first and then wanted us to pay the entire meter. It was 4 times what we should have been charged.

Another took us to a travel agent to try to sell us stuff and all we wanted to do was cross the river to the Ice Festival.

All of the drivers quoted us 100 yuan for a ride across the river when the correct fare is 20 yuan.

If I feel any uneasiness that we are going to be taken for a ride, I pull out the phone and start tracking our progress. I make sure that the driver sees me looking at the navigation. Thank goodness for technology.

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