Laundry: The Surprise Travel Problem

There are a lot of things you have to think about and plan when traveling. Since we’ve been traveling about 8 months now, most of those things are easy. Need a hotel? Jump online, check TripAdvisor, narrow it down, look at pictures and reviews and “KAPOOW” book it.

Not so with getting your laundry done. Unless you want to spend about $1USD per article to get your socks washed you’ve got to find alternatives. For some reason, all the world over laundry service seems to be $1USD per article. It’s like it’s a global per item laundry price fixing conspiracy.

I have had to hand wash clothes more times on the trip than I have in all of my entire life combined! Even in India where you would think that you would be able to find someone to wash your clothes. Nope, $1USD per article. Sure you can find someone that will iron you clothes for 4 rupees ($1USD=60INR) but not to wash.

It’s amazing.

What we’ve basically resorted to is finding where the hostels area. That’s hostels not hotels, because that is where the coin-op machines are located. In some places like Istanbul and Hong Kong, we have been able to find laundry by the weight but it is not easy.

If anyone has some tips let me know because I have no interest in hand washing anymore clothes!

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