Lemonade as Our Teacher

Coming down the jetway trying to catch one of our flights in Hong Kong, I caught a glimpse of this poster and had to stop to take a picture of it.

It summarized so many things we were trying to accomplish in our trip with Avinash.

1. We wanted him to be aware of the world we live in. To be mindful that we do have cultural and regional differences, but that everyone still loves lemonade.

2. Isn’t a lemon by any other name just as sour? Whether it’s called lemon, limone, limbu, chanh, or anything else, a lemon is a great thing to find in a market.

3. Whether it’s USD, Yen, RMB, Rupees or Dong, there’s always a way to find common ground and work with one another.

4. And when life hands you lemons, you open a lemonade stand. Being flexible and “goin’ with the flow” is an invaluable trait to have as a traveller and as a person in this global world we live in. You just have to make the most of what you have and enjoy the experience…and take lots of pictures!

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