Rome, I am overwhelmed.

Rome, Rome, Rome.

Rome is by far the most beautiful city I have ever been to.  Not that it is sparkling clean, or smells like roses everywhere.  It’s old, it’s weathered, it aged very well.

It is so easy to become numb and overwhelmed by the beauty of this city.  If you were to take any of hundreds of buildings found in Rome and put it in any other city, it would become an architectural attraction in that city.  In Rome, it is just another beautiful building.  I started off by taking a lot of pictures, but that got old very quickly.  If I spent my time taking pictures of every beautiful building or fountain, or church, or statue, or sculpture, I would miss everything else around.  So instead, I just enjoyed the sights, sounds, and took in the beauty.  Which is why I haven’t posted more.  There’s not enough time!

Sure I’ve taken plenty of pictures, but I would have easily filled up the 32GB SD card in the camera daily if I were to take pictures of everything I saw.

All of the cobble stone roads, narrow winding streets, churches everywhere, and quaint piazzas.  It’s all just too overwhelming if you don’t slow down and take a look at one thing at a time.  It is only when I have had the time to focus on one thing at a time that I was able to truly enjoy the experience fully.

There’s a charm, warmth, and pleasantness to the city that I don’t think I have felt anywhere else.  I’m not sure it’s where I would choose to live, but you never know….


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