Ciao Bella Roma

I’ve got a pit in my stomach.

We’ve decided to rent a car and road trip for a month. Part of me is sad to leave Rome, which I truly have fallen in love with. Part of me is nervous about not having the comforts of the long-stay apartments we’ve been calling home. It’s been great schlepping our way-too-many-bags into a place and exploding into it without a care of the usual logistics that come with travelling. The kind I know we will have while road tripping.

The other side of me is excited to wander through the country-side and coast as we immerse ourselves into this country and its culture. We’ve gotten away with our English and American mannerisms in Rome, but it’s time to start learning some language and be more observant of how locals do things.

We are all going to go through withdrawal when we leave. It’s been vibrant from morning until night. We’ve enjoyed taking late afternoon siestas so we could ‘party out’, as Avinash says, until the wee hours of the night. I anticipate that it will take some adjustment to enjoy the slower pace I anticipate we’ll have. We’ve all been longing for the beach so I expect we’ll find one soon and we’ll feel at home again.

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